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Can you get dominated out of financial domination?

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Months ago, someone asked me a curious question: "Can you dominate someone out of depression?" This spiraled into a more intriguing question for me: "Can you dominate someone out of domination?". Let's explore this paradox, drawing from real-life examples of my own subs.

Subs already share their weaknesses

I've held numerous conversations with submissives eager to break their findom addiction. They grapple with guilt, shame, and the ever-present fear of exposure. Some have even faced financial ruin or the threat of blackmail. No matter how the truth surfaces – immediately or after tributes – it inevitably does.

From my earliest experiences in 2DFD, I've contemplated the ethics of financial domination. Are long-lasting dynamics, proper aftercare, and open communication just lofty ideals? Most online subs vanish once they've had their fill. They desire a transaction, seeing me merely as a kink vending machine.

However, occasionally, I encounter a genuinely submissive individual, eager for genuine communication. For such individuals, I adjust the dynamic to support them.

I don't recommend it, but sometimes it works

I'm not a therapist, doctor, life coach, teacher, mentor, family member or friend. Plus I'm on 2DFD.[1]

Though I'm not a certified therapist, I've witnessed some of my D/s relationships genuinely help subs overcome their femdom and findom addiction. The first sub on my testimonials page is a great example. How?

  1. Anonymity: No need to hide or explain anything. I already know you're a pervert goon, and I will tease you about it. It's easier facing a problem when you can recognize it.
  2. Experience: I'm a bit ... mature for 2DFD (like I said, demons). I've got some life experience.
  3. Detachment: Not being a conventional figure in a sub's life, I can assert dominance freely. I don't care if you like me. I'm free to be as mean, demanding, bossy, and dominant as I'd like.
  4. Motivation: I've mastered the art of pushing subs beyond their limits, making them crave my attention and praise.
  5. The nature of D/s: Can a therapist prevent you from cumming until you sign up for college classes? Probably not, but I can. Techdomming is mostly using parental controls on you.

What's worked with my subs

Each dynamic is unique. Yet, certain aspects remain consistent. I've:

Many of these tasks don't directly target the findom addiction. But then, findom addiction often masks deeper issues.

So it this your specialty or something?

Maybe. I don't see a lot of demand for this. Furthermore, this labor is emotionally taxing. I've been a pillar for subs navigating depression, loneliness, grief...and yes, desire. I've taken breaks to recoup from the emotional strain. Plus, why would subs believe me? Check out this paypig support group.  It's full of dommes offering "help" because they're not like other dommes, they care. (I know writing a whole essay makes me the biggest pick me domme of them all.)  


It's an evolving process. I've charted potential pricing and structure, though I'm still refining. I may just mix those "good" tasks into my Silver member tasks.

Ultimately, my focus narrows down to a niche group: subs who tribute, communicate, and possess genuine submissiveness beyond their sessions. Whether they're yearning for a new Goddess or seeking an exit, my ambition remains singular: I want to be their final domme.

  1. Obviously I must have my own demons to conquer if I chose to be here. ↩︎

  2. One of my proudest moments was telling a panel of pro dommes that I had a sub sending daily proof of his workouts. He missed one and sent his doctor's note and the results of his covid test. The dommes thought that was very cool (I didn't mention 2DFD). ↩︎



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