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Findom offerings

When silent sending loses its fun, I love coming up with creative, wicked ways to drain finsubs. Interesting ways to play that go beyond "Now double it. Again."

Real-time drain sessions

I'll force your deepest weaknesses and desires out of you, then I'll make you pay for them, over and over. Each of your sends buys more teasing, humiliation, and manipulation.

You can click through a bunch of my Premium.Chat session types here:

Debt contracts

What's the worst that can happen? Sign a debt contract and pay it back, or else. Bonus: I've just started my leaderboard of debt piggies.


Watch helplessly while I block porn sites, take over your Twitter account, then cycle through Wishtender, picking out pricier and pricier gifts for myself.

Cover my bills

I live an expensive life, and you don't know how to spend money. Become one of my wage slaves, eat Top Ramen for every meal and fund my lifestyle.

Monthly expenses
Fund my lifestyle in a major U.S. city.

The only thing I do for free

Sign up and get instant free access to my revealing image galleries and seductive short stories.