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Show your appreciation, or catch my attention a little faster.

Do you get turned on when you send your hard-earned money to a superior woman? Or maybe you enjoy devoting yourself to my comfort and happiness. Either way, tributes are the best way to get my attention.

I only accept tributes or gift cards from places listed below, so please don't ask.


My wishlists are my preferred way to receive tributes. These sites also include options for cash gifting.

WishTender Wishlists
Receive or give gifts safely and easily.
Throne | Goddess Jinah | Wishlist
See which gifts I’d like to receive on my Throne Wishlist


Use this to tribute with bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, litecoin, USD coin,  etc.


Scan and send


Cover my bills:

Warning: I live in the most expensive city and have the most expensive taste.

House of Jinah - Private Site Access

Gift cards:

Unfortunately most of my favorite places don't offer gift cards. I do appreciate gift cards for Uber, Momofuku, Nike and Airbnb.

The only thing I do for free

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