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Q: How are all of your different projects going? Any hints or sneak peaks you can share?

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Updates on my projects

Answering a question from Curious Cat:

How are all of your different projects going? Any hints or sneak peaks you can share?

😭 😭 😭 

Writing this took much too long. But I want to share an honest update on my projects and why I'm slow – but not lazy. Never lazy.

I'm all about launching new projects, but I tend to fizzle halfway through. I just get excited for the next idea. That's my fault. But you broken cucks share the blame! Looking at my list, I noticed most of my content is free, with premium perks. I bless you with a lot – much more than some dommes, even non 2DFD ones. That's not a brag – many of my domme friends are just too good and too popular to give away content anymore. But still, lots of dommes are boring and don't feed you like I do.

How "no initial tribute required" is going

I'm trying out no initial tribute. Twitter's swamped with TikTok dommes, betadommes, catfishers, and clueless little girls. Most of my best boys got burned before. Sometimes 1 or 2 questions make a big difference.

My DMs are significantly worse though. From baiting curious cat questions and unsolicited dick pics to engineers confessing they're too smart for this yet can't resist me because I seem so different. If this trend continues I will reinstate and raise my initial tribute and put it behind a tough task. I have too much free content for you to talk to me.

You losers drain me, that's backwards! Even my Twitter posts, fun as they are, eat up my energy. I post non-stop because you pigs have no attention span. I love domming, but I do it when I want, no menu and with good subs who's given me obedience, MONEY, submission, MONEY, loyalty, MONEY, and energy. That's where my creativity peaks. That triggers my late night domme hours. I'll play with a good boy's cock until he's calling in sick the next day, until I'm calling in sick. But that intensity, that focus is as much for me as them. My mini stories? They're from my experiences or a sub's. The hypno audio? Inspired by two subs who said I had a hot voice and it was their top kink. But all those boys approached with tributes and respect and compliments and took time to know me. Without that, I feel nothing, don't want to work on anything, except posts like this.

As an aside -- I'm trying to own my masters

I pay for hosting and server rental, and I shouldn't -- those are easy reimbursements. I don't expect to get brains and skills from subs. I don't have task subs helping my empire, except for RTing and testing my chatbot (good boys). I built my own newsletter, my chatbot, my AI image models, my integrations that post new signups elsewhere to Twitter.

Eventually I'd like to host everything myself, so a flaky startup founder or Elon or a payment processor doesn't affect me. It doesn't feel dommey to give up a cut of my earnings or charm some engineer to make changes on my stuff (I love Wishtender for taking it out of your ends, though).

Freeloading failgoons should invest by reimbursing me for all this content:

🎊 wishtender ↝

Juggling half a dozen projects here – the website, audio files, chatbot, new images, actual sessions policies, reactivating my Discord... plus the new stuff I brainstorm. A lot's free because I'm excited to share – with the subs that want to know me and approach wisely. The rest of you are cruising for free and it burns me out, makes me angry and worse: it bores me. Why should this ever be as dull as vanilla life?

So, that's the main update: I'm creating, dominating, and finding a spot where my work is as worshipped as it's gooned.

Project Updates

House of Jinah website
Active, but I have too many free sign-ups, and because of the above I'm not publishing the 20 posts I have in my drafts. The newsletter will go out when I perfect the newsletter exclusive hypno audio file. On that...

Audio hypno file
Battling Ableton glitches and crashes, but I've rescued some files. I'm fixing it, not restarting! If I can't, I'll release the simpler version which is still more complex than most of the shit out there. Newsletter-only streaming version, maaaybe a download version for $$. I pushed out a low effort spiral w/ audio tonight in the meantime. Spirals + text + looping images + a few voice clips are getting fairly easy for me. This took me a long time to create, and that was only seven minutes and ~6 audio layers.

Goddess Jinah AI Chatbot
Planning a revamp to use a newer NSFW LLM. I love this work, but I've been doing it elsewhere – I've tested NSFW LLMs for a startup and built a vanilla coaching chatbot for a colleague's startup since I first shared the beta version.

Did you know my AI chatbot can create personalized video messages? But it's having trouble using my AI voice and just uses some random's voice, so I need to fix that first. That's why it's a beta, beta.
Did you know that my chatbot can create personalized video messages? But due to the API I can't get it to use my voice for her. That's why it's still in beta.

I can only see anonymized text strings to my bot, and I have to dig for those too, but I did check out a transcript really, and someone seemed to be talking to AI Jinah about getting out and trying new things so I know some of my personality made it into her, as imperfect as I find her.


See? I could be bullying you to work harder and make more money for me all day long.

Future projects that I hope to start or restart

Discord Movie Night
Used to watch indie, foreign films about BDSM with my subs on Sunday night, but 2021 Twitter subs were smarter and more open to new shit; 2022/2023, not so much.

Goddess Jinah Vtuber
In the works with an artist for a 3D model, but I've been slacking. This could open up more games, VRChat, visual novels, so I want to do this. You want me to do this.

Further Adventures of Goddess Jinah Manga?
Never read manga. Want to make one. I'm starting with black and white AI-generated images, aiming for a full storyline. Since I don't have much experience, I could definitely use help here to understand the conventions of the types of panels, thought vs speech vs whispered representations, etc.

Ended or ending soon

Goon Roulette
Giving it another shot, but I don't have as many players now! Maybe I made it too complex with the QR codes, or maybe subs are just lazier now too?

RT Channels
Twitter API cuts killed my automated alerts on Telegram and Discord. I went back to tagging my posts. Even that is more complex than it first looks: I use a script to randomly sort my links and RT @ subs. The script copies the top x lines to my clipboard for me to paste in a reply (so no RT sub gets a few too many pings, and so I can rotate out my many links).

30 Days of Tasks
I started editing my list, now I'd say 23 out of 30 tasks are done. Want to release them as a 30 day email series, so I need to set up a custom email sequence for new sign-ups. So what's the delay?

If subs can't handle Goon Roulette, then why assign deeper tasks? It isn't the time to challenge you lazy goons even more just yet.

Owning subs
I have one already, and he's the best, so no thanks.

I had a local candidate, and he's the worst, so no thanks.

IRL classes
I'm vetting a sub or two from the Tri-state area. I hope I can have my best friend or a domme online friend come down to NYC so we can go to a workshop together. This, however, did arrive, so I'm ready for rope practice.

Safety first. Finding a rope bunny second.

Online scheduled sessions
Sorry to subs that filled out my form or DMed me specifically for a session. Ping me if I've been slow. For the reasons above I have to be in a mood to do a session, so I don't see hard scheduling times in my future.

One idea: fill out the sessions that I can do on demand on Premium.Chat. then turn it on when I'm in my goon hours (not yours. never yours.)

Did I miss anything? Did I miss you? Send again, send more, send with a compliment about my content. I'll get back to you.



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