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My policies


  • By using my website or contacting me, you confirm that you are over the age of 18.
  • I am age verified through Niteflirt, Premium.Chat other content sites.
  • Gifts are not payment for my time or attention, nor are they fees.


  • I do not keep or share your photos or videos.
  • I sometimes post screenshots from chats or conversations, but only with your name and details removed.
  • I prefer Premium Chat for content sharing and chatting.
  • I do not use Amazon wishlists, gift cards, Paypal or any other platform outside the ones listed on my tributes page.
  • Do not share or repost my paid content, please.

Sessions (all platforms)

  • I answer common BDSM questions on Curious Cat and my website.
  • I prefer discussing drain sessions in advance and have a Premium Chat session just for that. But if you have a spontaneous desire to submit, it's up to you to share your limits (kink, financial) and goals.
  • Please budget in time for aftercare, such as casual conversation and check-ins. If you refuse aftercare or don't check in with me the next day, then I'll treat you like a pure session sub.
  • It's up to you to let me know if you are already owned or otherwise committed to another domme.
  • My hard limits are: Blackmail, forced intoxication, logging into and using your accounts, burning, piss, shit, needles, knife play, fire, breath play, scarring (at least until I'm through the in-person training), anything with non-consensual witnesses or participants, non-consensual recording of others, (your) feet, furry-related stuff, loli, humiliating or denigrating any person in your vanilla life.
  • If you insist on directing our session, topping from the bottom, violating my boundaries, etc then prepare to be drained, mindfucked, depressed, ashamed, scared, confused, etc.


  • I block anyone who refuses to tribute, ignores my limits, sends unsolicited messages or disobeys my instructions.
  • Communication is key for BDSM, and I don't interact with submissives who refuse to talk outside of sessions. This includes deleting accounts, ghosting and skipping aftercare questions.
  • I'll drop your ass from any subscription tier – even and especially the free tier – if I dislike you.

The only thing I do for free

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