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About me

Who are you?

I'm Goddess Jinah, obviously. Read more about me here.

What is 2DFD, AI2D, etc?

A type of femdom/findom account represented by a 2d character, usually an anime style character, which can be handmade or AI generated.

About House of Jinah

What is this site?

House of Jinah is where I keep my AI images, photos stories, essays and other files. I also use it to update subs through my newsletter. This will also be where I host new games and ideas, because I love using my tech background to invent more entertaining ways to control and drain subs.

You posted something on Twitter and then deleted it. Is it here?

Maybe! I'm still adding my old content to this site. Search this website, then let me know if there's something you can't find.

How can I get in touch to ask you a question?

Really? You have a question that I haven't already answered here?
You can contact me through this website, though I tend to answer slowly unless you've made yourself stand out.

Memberships and payments

Why should I get a membership?

More than 80% of my posts require a membership to view -- and most of those posts only require a free membership.

Sound good? Sign up here.

What type of membership should I get?

The most expensive one, and perhaps 5 or 10 of those.

What membership should I get?

How do I pay for a membership?

I'm using Stripe for subscriptions, but I've gone over the whole flow to make transactions more private. Memberships to this site appear under a separate, more generic company name -- my LLC -- on your CC statements. I've also enabled several international cards, Google Pay, and Cash.App on my Stripe account.

I can't use Stripe, can I subscribe with something else?

Yes. Subscribe on my Patreon to pay with a credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, or Venmo.

You can also pre-pay for annual memberships with crypto, via Coinbase. Use bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, apecoin, dai, usd coin and more.

Click and pay below:

Silver Annual Membership ($500)

Gold Annual Membership ($950)

Note: Your subscription won't start instantly when you use crypto.

I don't like subscriptions, can I pay for a single set of pics, one file, or for one post?

I know some of you just don't like entering a CC number or adding another subscription, so I've integrated my site with Mash, allowing you to purchase individual pieces of content anonymously. Relapser, feed your demons and hide your shame.

Mash is compatible with most bitcoin/lightning wallets. Simply scan the QRC code and press send to privately indulge in your 2D Goddess addiction.

What is Mash?

They provide tools to pay for single pages, posts, images, and apps, etc with just a Bitcoin lightning network wallet.

Click on the donut-shaped button then click on "What is Mash?" to learn more.

Why do you need my email address?

I need your email so I can send you my newsletter. You'll also sign in and make account changes with your email address. You can opt out of receiving email from me, but you'll always need to have a real email address on file.

Modifying or cancelling memberships

How do I reset my password?

You don't need a password to log into House Of Jinah. Just fill in your email address and I'll email you a link to sign in.

I lost access to that email account, how can I access my membership?

Get in touch via the support email so I can help you.

How do I cancel?

Log into your account and use the member portal to cancel your membership. Make sure you're using the Patron portal if you subscribed that way.

I subscribed by mistake. Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds, but you can email me via the member portal if you'd like to beg. Your subscription also ends immediately once you cancel. Your last payment counts toward a downgraded or upgraded membership.

Sessions and tributes

Where's your session menu?

I don't have one. I also don't pre-schedule sessions, though I can be available for entertaining findom sessions. For anything else, you need to catch me on Premium.Chat.

I can't pay, do you take service subs?

First serve me by signing up for a free House of Jinah membership. Then save up.

Here are other ways to serve me for free.

Are you looking for free use boys (aka, if you like domming, why do you need to get paid?).

Of course there are many, many non-paid domme/sub relationships.

Every man dreams of getting pleasured and offering nothing in return.

But every man is a free use boy when you're a cute girl.

If one of my ex-flings wins an Oscar, I'll have the EGOT of exes (I have a low body count, so it's not quantity). You aren't more attractive, more charming, more entertaining, smarter, taller, richer, funnier, more talented, or have a better dick than anyone I've met before.

If you want to be a free use boy, then please read these posts. They are from a Reddit dedicated to gentle femdom, not findom. But they'll help you understand why you'll never find either a real domme girlfriend or an online domme.

An opinion from a domme to subs: we are not sex workers, we are people with wants and desires too

Being used and milked as a sub?

Submissiveness doesn’t mean doing nothing

The only thing I do for free

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