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What my subs say

Comments from past and current playthings

Serving Goddess Jinah brought two lifestyle changes into my life, she motivated me to go back to school, go to the gym, explore new things I was hesitant/ignorant towards, she motivated me and brought out of the pit that I was in, one year later after having served her I am back in school, doing well at my job, have a girlfriend, and have a set goal in mind.

The other lifestyle change she brought was allowing me to discover and take part in the life of servitude and ownership, words alone could not describe the gratification and absolute pleasure the privilege was, asides from the pure findom aside, the demeanor, the aura, the sheer chilling-ness to her tongue and how it can be so sweet yet so sharp the next second, the surprise of her commands at random and the consequences for failure to obey, serving her was arguably one of if not the best periods of my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. From covering her drinks when she goes out with friends to sending weekly tribute, I couldn’t have been any happier and more grateful for the opportunity to have sent to her, with her amazingly warm and kind nature backed by her sadistic, mean, bratty, and dominant side, she is without a doubt the best findomme to ever exist. - S.A.

Goddess Jinah has a unique touch owing to her controlling nature as a person where you feel compelled to abide by her every whim. Over time you feel the tendrils of her control take more and more of a hold over you, but somehow throughout the process she manages to make you feel safe and secure, assuring you that she has your best interests at heart. - M.S.

Goddess Jinah is truly amazing. I was shocked at how easily she pulled me into subpace and it blows my mind as to how smart she is. Without me realizing it she was able to tug on my strings and had me completely at her mercy. Not only is she amazingly awesome it's genuinely felt like she was enjoying herself which made the experience 10x better. On top of that she's also an amazing person and genuinely cares for her subs. I look forward to being given more chances to serve her and please her in anyway I can. Thank you Goddess Jinah, you're truly one of a kind. 🙇‍♂️

Serving Mommy Jinah is an experience for itself. I trusted her from the first session on, when you hear her voice you instantly want to follow her orders to make her happy. She's molding the mind to her will, before I realized it she made me want things I didn't want before. After each session she does a wonderful check-in to see you're okay, which made me her even more wonderful. After the session is before the session, I always can't wait for when I can be played with by her again even though we just finished. Being one of her best boys and being controlled more by her already became my goal after just 2 sessions, she's magical.

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