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Q: What are your sessions like?

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A question from Curious Cat:

What are your sessions like and how do I know the price if you don't have a menu up?

I like this topic. I can't stop talking about this topic.

Once, as a kid, I handcuffed a boy to a flagpole and moved a sprinkler just so that it would spray him every minute or so. I knew that by oscillating, the intermittent spray would be worse than a steady stream. I remember being overjoyed at my own cleverness and the message it sent to my classmates. Young Jinah didn't know you could get paid to do this kind of shit, outside of working at a CIA black site. That's to say: Adult Jinah likes doing and getting paid for sessions.

I know that online can't compare to offline, so I work hard to structure things and make up for online's shortcomings. To set expectations: My sessions are usually voice or text only. I have done some with my camera on, but only for subs I know well, and even then only neck/knee  down. I require pictures or video proof from subs, though. Let me see how miserable and or blissful you are.

During the session I go through a series of 2-4 tasks, each one harder and sluttier than the last. If it's the vibe or I think you're a pussy, I will offer an out through a fatter tribute or set of tributes. I prefer you do the tribute and the task. The final command comes with a reward. Finally, after they clean up, I talk to the sub about basketball and make them drink water while I praise them. NBA talk isn't required, but ever since my old sub said he had bricked / Shaq'd his attempt to cum in his own mouth, it seems to come up a lot. One day I'm going to watch a boy cum in/on something and yell KOBE! I hope he doesn't read this.  

I have a long task idea list. My ideas are organized by fetish, type of proof needed, supplies needed. Some are conducive to chat-only, some are only doable in public, some require a face cam. I am flexible there. I also keep in mind the end goal for the session. That's super important to me: How should the sub feel after doing this: Humiliated? Appreciated? Useful? Abused? Seen? Sub emotions can be complicated – not all subs want a nut and humiliation.

But sessions vary. Sometimes a "session" is a goon in my DMs paying to eat his cum right now, and that's cool too. I love watching rewatching HBO shows during these sessions.

Subs have described me as sharp, manipulative, sweet, funny, hot, scary. Scary comes up often – I always want subs scared at the start, so I don't tell them what's coming, I just give them the supply list and let them sweat for a bit. That's also why I don't post many tasks on Twitter, why I redact my screenshots, and why this post is frustratingly vague.

My post-session comments are fantastic. There are lots on that other post. Here's one more recent followup:

I clarified: His first sexual experience was good, so this is a compliment.

Subs often tell me it was their first time in subspace,  or their first time feeling truly controlled by someone else. I like hearing the firsts from submissives who have a lot of past experience. Unlike a lot of online dommes, I don't have a menu or schedule. I just wait until a sub tributes, start chatting with them, then slowly walk them into a session. If you are asking for a menu, then you are not looking for findom anyway. Perhaps it's not what you are used to, but that's the point. I like having a small but generous base of subs that I curate regularly. Whenever sessions or subs feel like work, I take a break. There are plenty of downsides to my thinking, but I'll talk about that another time. I've tried it both ways, I'll keep experimenting.

For what it's worth, subs always tribute afterwards, more than I would have requested up front. The post-nut clarity tributes with the 😍 notes are the cutest.



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