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Spread the House of Jinah

Free ways to worship, submit, obey

Show your devotion to me in small (and free) ways by sharing and engaging with my content.

Below you'll find free ways to serve me, as well as Twitter profile and banner images for general enthusiasts, body worship connoisseurs, and RT subs. Scroll even further for my logo and brand palette, as well as other ways to be a service sub.

First – know there's only one real way to serve me

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Free ways to "serve"

Sign up for free membership to this site.

You'll get members-only access to additional galleries, posts and Twitter images, plus more treats that I only put in my newsletter.

Follow more of my accounts

Not all of my social accounts are really active right now, but, much like this site, there's a lot to come.

Contact Goddess Jinah for findom / femdom
Get in touch with Goddess Jinah virtual femdom and findomme on AIFD, 2DFD. How to contact her for questions or requests.

Become my loyal RT sub

Join one of my engagement groups and get notified when I have new posts that I'd like you to spread.

Use my Twitter profile images

Use my Twitter banner images

Use my RT sub banners

Other assets and branding

Site and assets colors

Become a service sub

I don't have any service subs right now, because it usually takes more work to give instructions than to do the task myself. But, if you can't tell, I put a lot of thought and effort into my website, Discord, and Twitter. Get in touch if you're good at any of the tasks below, and can be consistent with your service.

The only thing I do for free

Sign up and get instant free access to my revealing image galleries and seductive short stories.