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Welcome to the redesigned

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I haven't quit Twitter. (But fuck Twitter.) I've just been working on something I like a lot more!

House of Jinah received a makeover and rebrand, but that's just the start. I also topped up this site with much more content: mini-stories, high-res Jinah images, files, etc. Did you bookmark a tweet that I later deleted? This is a second chance to save it for goon hours. The images are probably higher quality here anyway.

But this isn't an archive. I've added brand new stories, images, and audio that will never make it to Twitter (except in short, unsatisfying teaser Tweets). I haven't posted every piece of my Twitter archive yet, either, because I'm too excited for my dom/sub dynamic scenarios. (Fuck X.)

And I'm not being generous. All this is to drawn you in closer and show you what I have to offer if you're lucky enough to earn my attention.


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