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My good goon. My perverted convert. You looked at my free member access to a plethora of free hi-res image galleries, videos, and mini-stories that I could never share on Twitter and you wanted to show some support.

As a paid member of this website, you will gain access to:

I keep my NSFW, fetish, IRL, and other exclusive content for the higher tiers.

But there's a way to access that content without a subscription and without signing up:

I know some of you just don't like entering a CC number, or adding another subscription. So I integrated my site with Mash, allowing you to purchase individual pieces of content anonymously. Relapser, feed your demons and hide your shame. You can read more about buying individual galleries and paying for your subscription with crypto here.

Or you could become a paid member to get:

...exclusive tasks from me (I ask for proof, btw), line writing exercises, hypnotic audio files, kinkier images and more mini-stories.

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