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The wet look (electric blue nylons)

3 min

I usually prefer subdued shades for my pedicures, but once I got these electric blue "wet look" nylons, I just knew neon pink toes would look yummy with them. That was just for me, though – my shoes were covering this delicious combination all day. Damn, even my pink soles look spectacular under these slick stockings.

It feels so good to kick off those heels and admire my cute color combination. These nylons look even wetter with a thin layer of sweat underneath them, don't they? But... ugh. Just look at my seams. So crooked! They must have shifted around with all the walking I did today. Well, since you're already down there... why don't you straighten them out? I want them perfect, by the way.

The rest aren't censored... but with this at least you still see how cute electric blue nylon looks over hot pink toes.

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