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On unowning a submissive


Bye bitch

First, I want you to take some time and acknowledge just how fucking impressive I’ve been. Tweets are amazing, tributes are easy, photos are hi-res, punishments are devilish, playlists are obvious but good. Try to DM me. How does she do it?

Yet instead of praising God (me) that they found me and somehow I responded, some subs are being ungrateful shits.

I unowned my first ever owned sub today while taking on my second (and for now, only) owned sub #2.*

My owned sub #1 lasted a whole two weeks, after spending the previous three weeks bugging and begging for me to own him.

I’m only writing about what I consider a failure because I was a more than generous owner. So it’s a failure, but it is absolutely his failure.

Let’s start with the red flags that should have eliminated him earlier:

  1. He asked to be owned the first time he messaged me. In fact, he asked to be pegged the first time he messaged me. He has little to no experience putting things in his ass.
  2. He did not pay tribute.
  3. When I told him to back off and perhaps think about ownership more deeply, he begged to keep trying with me, and finally made his own tribute, buying a cute lip balm off my wishlist.
  4. He told me that no other Twitter dommes had ever kept talking to him. One had even tried to blackmail him. I felt sorry for him, since he’s quite young and clear not very smart.

He was persistent and checked in when expected to. After a couple weeks I decided he had done enough. Plus his extreme neediness was kind of adorable. I got him his pfps, added him to a list, set him up with Telegram and a journal. Then I gave him two text sessions in which I let him cum both times, during which he had to say thank you Goddess Jinah over and over again because I gave him permission.

He then begged for a bedtime phone call, which I gave him. I put him to bed. Do you know of another 2dfd mommy domme putting subs to bed gently and telling them to get plenty of sleep?

Trouble kept popping up though:

  1. He’s the sub that boldly asked if I give blowjobs to subs. I deleted that tweet since he was given a writing taste and a physical punishment.
  2. He started breaking my most basic rule: check in twice a day. At first he checked in multiple times a day. Then they started dwindling. He got a job and then started missing the minimum 2x a day check-ins. It is a 9-4 job, he isn’t on an oil rig or fishing in the Arctic.
  3. He constantly hinted that he would be so much more submissive in person. If he was doing a bad job, it was because it was too hard to remember online. If only I went to visit him, or he could come down here, he’d be a perfect submissive.
  4. While he didn’t have much money, he offered to teach me Korean, which I do want to learn. But when I asked him if we could watch a movie together without captions and just let me guess at the plot and what was being said, and he could correct me, he didn’t seem interested. This was a boy who asked to watch movies together all the time.

The last two bothered me – if I couldn’t maintain a connection with him then obviously this owner experiment was done before it had started. I do not like failure. So I made an uncharacteristic grand gesture and bought him a Lovense Hush 2 - a remote controlled vibrating butt plug that I could control from my phone. It was step #1 on the way to him becoming peggable.

I had already purchased this gift when he started a conversation the next morning with an apology. He apologized for being a bad sub, and said if I had better ones, he’d understand if I disowned him. Obviously, this was the precise point when I should have dropped him. Instead I told him to go and claim his new butt plug (Lovense has a great two-way anonymous gifting program!). He then begged to stay, saying he was ashamed of not trusting me (he had started to worry I was a scammer) and that I had his best interests in mind. Here he was ready to leave, but instead of getting a blackmail threat, he had gotten a gift. Could he try again, please?

That kicked off the second week, where he also started to drop off in communication. I often ask for pics as a very basic task. These dropped off as well. Honorifics kept changing around – Noona to Goddess to hey to Mistress. He did not complete his second week journal entry (I asked for a single paragraph).

So I sent him this message tonight.

He is done. Cut from the team. Free to get scammed / get his asshole shredded by some other domme.

I’ve made vague references to my heel turn, villain arc, etc on Twitter.

This is directly connected to my time managing sub #1. Did you ever dream of having a soft domme with a sweet voice who wanted to both destroy you and take care of you? One who would trade music with you and joke with you, but could snap you into submission with a couple of words? One that cared enough to get you a gift? Who would read books about pegging so that when you came to New York she could lovingly take care of your ass and then also introduce you to hidden New York spots and eat pizza with you?

She was here, you just missed her. Blame this fucking guy. I'm still the best, but I'll never quite be the same owner I tried to be to this guy.

Though it wasn't over ownership, this wasn't my first sort of "oh I care too much" experience, that actually happened a while ago. I still talk to that (ex)-sub. Surprisingly it's not these experiences that make me want to leave. If anything I work harder and do more and care less. I want a wide net of silent senders who want nothing in return.

Like how the fuck does God not come to earth for 20,000 years and everyone is still sucking his dick, but I gotta DM you daily for you to keep gooning?


  1. I take less time to approve new owned subs. Yes, I’m less picky, because
  2. I don’t invest emotionally, financially, or time wise more than I’m getting back. While at the time I just felt like it was a nice thing to do for my #1 baby boy, obviously now I consider it a waste of time I should have spent writing honeytrap tweets or owning a sub with actual money to send me.
  3. Being owned requires a weekly tribute OR a substantial requirement to make banners, find me art, make edits, teach me languages, do data entry, etc.
  4. Subs buy all of their own gifts, as well as mine.
  5. No more tucking in goons at night.
  6. Subs have to check in with me twice a day, I don’t have to do anything.

I’ll still be the best owner on 2dfd, or Twitter femdom. I’ll probably be even better than the best owner, because I’ll spend less time babysitting and more time coming up with fucked up punishments and more photos and Tweets. Have you seen my shit? Go back to the first paragraph.

Update on an update:

This sub read my post and felt bad – he came back and actually paid the tribute and started talking to me. Things were going just fine, but then he started pushing to be owned again, said he would start following my owned sub rules (I hadn't asked) and then put himself in chastity (again, hadn't asked). All this while telling me he was still on the fence about wanting to be owned. It sounded to me like he's already decided to self-dom, in which case, why would I interrupt?


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