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Your service, however you choose to serve, will please me if it's done with respect and humility.

I appreciate tributes and gifts, as well as acts of service and thoughtful compliments.

US/UK tributes

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International tributes


Throne Gifts - The Gifting Platform for Creators
Throne is gifting platform for content creators. Safely receive gifts from any online store while keeping your address hidden.


My wallet address is 0xcd66fe602f463f7f937d8cb2b16e39811bb1b96d
or goddessjinah.eth

For acts of service

The easiest way to please me is to spread the gospel of Goddess Jinah. I have profile pictures and banners that you can use, and I always appreciate promo posts on social media.

Social media images
Banners and profile photos to support the Goddess Jinah agenda. Profile pictures These aren’t ‘owned’ profile pics. They’re low-commitment ways to support the Goddess Jinah movement. Any with black backgrounds are transparent, so you can add it as a layer to your current PFP.